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Here’s How We Can Heal America: START HERE

Every person is a kind of energy center, transmitting energy as we go through the course of each day.  We transmit that energy during the interactions we have with other people we meet along the way, however briefly.  These daily interactions we have with other people are all opportunities to begin to Heal America.

Some of these daily interactions we have are with people we know well: family members, co-workers, associates, friends. But other people we may see only very briefly or tangentially.  They may be clerks we’re buying something from, people we’re standing next to in line, or people we connect with very briefly on the way to somewhere else.  But they are all opportunities to begin to heal America.

In order to make the most of these opportunities we need to be aware of them as the opportunities they are, and to be committed to using these opportunities.  We need to be intentional.

How do we take advantage of these opportunities?

It needn’t be elaborate or time-consuming.  In the case of brief encounters, all we might need to do is to do is smile.  In the case of a clerk who performs a service, a genuine and honest “Thank You” can work wonders.  It’s even better if we can call the clerk by name!   The key is to put something positive, friendly and affirmative into every encounter we have in the course of each day.

But I’m just one individual.  How could that help to heal America?

The fact is that we’re all vastly more connected than we realize.  In 1929 Frigyes Karinthy developed the idea known as “Six Degrees of Separation.”  He stated that any one person in the world is six steps or fewer from anyone else in the world,  so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements could be made to connect any two people in the world in a maximum of six steps!

It is amazing to realize that through a very finite chain of just six people, each one of us is connected to everyone else in the world.

We are all connected!  Who knows what mysterious concatenation of events might follow from a friendly hello or a simple thank you?  It could brighten the day of someone clear across the world that we’ve never met.

A smile can go viral.


David Evans